Our High-performance department is headed by Serena Mason and our resident master of sport science, Steven Eglezos. Stevens’s knowledge is extensive and wide ranging from elite/semi elite athletes to everyday people looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Steven’s Career to Date..

Steven has worked extensively with former combat sports world champions, assisting them in attaining further skills that helped them succeed in the ring. These included biomechanical movements, explosive power and strength training, optimal nutrition programs and cutting edge analysis techniques.

Serena’s Career to Date…

Serena has an extensive history in human physiology and exercise science. She is currently completing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science at La Trobe Uni. Serena is currently also working as a Sport Science intern at Carlton AFLW. Her passions lie in injury prevention, recovery and functional sport-specific conditioning. She has worked with rehab clients and everyday populations to elite athletes.

Services Offered

  • Sport Specific Conditioning for amateur and elite athletes
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Physiological training
  • Nutritional support / programs
  • Strength training
  • Scientific weight loss methods
  • Explosive & endurance fitness training
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