Here at Power Gymnasium, we offer Personal Training for all age groups and fitness levels, click here to learn more about children’s personal training. Our group classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, along with Saturday mornings. We have specific graded classes to ensure the progression of all participants, from Beginner to Advanced boxing levels. We cater for everyday people looking to undertake classes to learn technique and fitness, to aspiring athletes looking to advance through the ranks and fight professionally. Click here to view the time table.

Beginner Boxing Classes:

In our beginner boxing classes you will be taught the basic fundamentals in the art of boxing. These include but are not limited to, combinations, footwork, skipping, shadow boxing and defensive movements.

Intermediate Boxing Classes:

Once you have progressed through the beginner ranks and our head coaches have graded you to a satisfactory level, you will be eligible to attend the Intermediate boxing classes. Within these classes you will be exposed to more vigorous boxing combinations, defensive drills, footwork and movement patterns. At this level you will be eligible to start sparring under the guidance of Shaun, Serena & Jack.

Advanced Boxing Classes:

Our advanced class is for those looking to compete. To be progressed to this level our head coaches will take into consideration your fitness scores, technical ability and commitment to training. At the advanced level you will be sparring, physical conditioning and focusing on ring IQ and tactics. You will be training with our professional and amateur fighters under the guidance of Shaun, Serena & Jack