Personal Training in Brunswick

Here at Power Gymnasium we are proud to boast a first class team of trainers in all disciplines and categories. We offer personal training in the three combat forms of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai as well as weight loss, endurance and strength training sessions.

Our trainers:

Andrew Eglezos: Professional Boxing Coach

Andrew is our professionally licensed head boxing coach with extensive experience working with current and former professional and amateur fighters. He learnt his trade under the guidance of formal world number 5 light heavyweight Pierre Karam and has applied and furthered his knowledge with his current professional and amateur boxers under his tutelage.

Phillip Eglezos: Master’s Degree in Sport Science/ Undergraduate Degree in Human Movement

Phillip, our resident sport scientist has completed extensive studies into resistance training, nutrition, biomechanics and physiology units where he graduated in the top 10% in his field. Having worked with former world champion fighters, the Adelaide Football Club and studying at Real Madrid FC he offers extensive knowledge for all levels of fitness. Phillip is available Monday through to Saturday for any 1 on 1 personal session.

Amanda Melham: Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai Instructor

Amanda offers a wide range of skills in all three disciplines we offer here at Power Gymnasium. She has completed her certificates in fitness and is also a qualified remedial massage therapist. Amanda has an extensive list of satisfied personal clients and is available Monday through to Saturday for any personal training sessions.

Serena Mason: Boxing & Personal Trainer

Serena is currently studying Sports & Exercise science at La Trobe Uni. She is one of our amateur boxers and has a passion for sport specific strength and conditioning. Serena is available Monday through Saturday for 1 on 1 personal training sessions for both fitness and boxing.

Joe Abdulrahim: Boxing Trainer

Joe has extensive experience working in the boxing industry working with numerous professional and amateur fighters. His skills are but not limited to, combinational pad work, footwork, fitness training, technical training and beginner and advanced drill work.

Shaun Thomas: Professional Fighter/ Boxing Trainer

Shaun is a Professional fighter who has competed in over 70 amateur fights and 9 professional fights. Shaun has extensive knowledge to offer any beginner, intermediate or advanced boxer looking to advance their skills in the craft. If you would like to book in Shaun is available for personal training throughout the week.

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