Personal Training

Here at Power Gymnasium we are proud to boast a first class team of trainers in all disciplines and categories. We offer personal training in Boxing as well as weight loss, endurance and strength sessions.

Our trainers:

Andrew Eglezos: Professional Boxing Coach 

Andrew is a well-seasoned professional boxing coach. He  has been coaching for 8 years. He is available for beginners, intermediate, amateur and professional fighters.

Serena Mason: Boxing Victoria Accredited Boxing Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach

Serena is our resident Sports & Exercise scientist, having studied at La Trobe Uni and worked in Sports Science at Carlton AFLW. She is one of our amateur boxers and has a passion for sport specific strength and conditioning. Her expertise are suited to beginner, intermediate and advanced boxers as well as injury prevention and recovery.  Serena is now studying a Masters in Physiotherapy and able to help you adjust or modify your training around your injuries. she also offers Sports massage therapy sessions.

Almosh Tompa Pinta: Boxing Victoria Accredited Boxing Coach

Almosh is an amateur fighter (state novice champion) and heads up our amateur fighting team. As a Boxing Victoria accredited coach he is passionate about technical and tactical boxing skills. Almosh is suited to individuals of all ages and skill levels who want to learn the craft of boxing.

Mike Yeo: Boxing Victoria Accredited Boxing Coach

Mike is an amateur fighter and offers 1on1 technical coaching and boxing-focused strength and conditioning. He has a diploma in fitness and is a boxing victoria accredited coach. Mike likes to take a holistic approach to training, creating physically and mentally strong and skilled athletes. He works with individuals of all ages and experience levels.

Joe Abdulrahim: Boxing Victoria Accredited Boxing Coach

Joe has extensive experience working in the boxing industry working with numerous professional and amateur fighters. His skills are but not limited to, combinational pad work, footwork, fitness training, technical training and beginner and advanced drill work.

Julie Ramadan:  Boxing Victoria  Accredited Boxing Coach/ Amateur Fighter

Julie is a 2023 AIBA National Gold Medalist with a long history with boxing. She can regularly be found coaching our beginners class and recreational to beginner level athletes. She is also great with kids and available to 1on1 kids boxing sessions.

Jack Stevens: Professional Fighter/ Boxing Coach

Jack is one of our professional fighters. He has a strong history in the amateurs prior to his pro debut in July 2021. His expertise are suited to boxers at all levels.

Khoder Abdulrahim: Amateur Fighter/ Boxing Trainer

Khoder “JNR Punisher” is one of our undefeated Amateur fighters. He has been boxing most of his life. Khoder is available for 1 on 1 sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings

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